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Nucleic Acid Extraction including DNA extraction and RNA extraction

Nucleic acid extraction

DNA and RNA extraction products and services for optimised nucleic acid preparations.

DNA sequencing products and services from genomics experts

DNA sequencing

Our service offers both Sanger and next generation sequencing (NGS) for any project type or size.

Genotyping products and services from genomics specialists


Genotyping products and services driven by KASP genotyping assay proven across hundreds of species.

SNPline workflow solution

SNPline workflow solution

DNA extraction 96 to 20,000 samples per day, genotyping from 1536 to 1,536,000 data points per day

Published papers:

1,936 View publications

Approaching 2,000 published papers on genotyping, DNA, nucleic acid extraction and more.

KASP genotyping PCRs:


Over a billion KASP™ genotyping PCRs completed! Watch how many we do while you are browsing our site - works out at over 11 a second!

See the largest Genotyping lab in the world!
See how many times you see the Blue box!

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